Pre entry is required! No exceptions! Download the entry form here, fill it out and either mail it or email with the horse's negative coggins to: 18428 East 1st Street, Eskridge, KS 66423, Email: by September 9th. Entry fee for both the 100 mile distance and the 75 mile distance is $178.00. It will be your responsibility to contact both Bass River Resort and Brushy Creek Lodge for accommodations at these establishments.


This ride will be conducted in accordance with AERC rules & regulations (AERC Rules). Riders must check in before the start of the ride and be on trail within 30 minutes of the start time. Time to meet pulse criteria at the finish is 30 minutes for all distances. The ride is open to all breeds of horses and mules. Current Negative Coggins required for all equines. Current Health Certificate required for all out of state horses. Riders are responsible for any vet fees that may be individually incurred. Rider helmets are required and hoof protection is strongly advised. Shoes and hoof pads or hoof boots will be your friend! Helmet's for adult riders are not required but highly recommended but helmets are mandatory for junior riders. Juniors wishing to ride as seniors must present a letter from AERC stating that said junior meets the age and mileage requirements; and also MUST notify management of their entry as a senior. All entries are required to comply with rules of sponsorship stated in the AERC rulebook.

Any questions, please contact ride management: Ride Manager: Linda Cole - (785) 969-5629 or (785) 304-6915, Head Vet: Dr. Jeanie Hauser, Treatment Vet: TBD.