The Trail

The trail is a point to point trail, with the 75 being an elevator, that follows the historic Ozark Trail from Bass River Resort outside of Steelville, MO 75 miles to Brushy Creek Lodge outside of Black, MO.

There is one trot-by, two one hour holds and four gate and go check points along the ride with crews being able to access all of them as well as many other sections of trail. The first hold is situated at the Hazel Creek Trail Head on 657/Brazil Road which will be approximately 31 miles into the ride. The second of the two holds will be situated at Barton Fen Trail Head which is at approximately 63 miles. Brushy Creek Lodge & Resort will be the finish for the 75 mile ride. There will be a Gate and Go for the 100 mile riders on the Forest Service Road above Brushy Creek Lodge. At the Gate and Go 75 milers can elect to go on and elevate to the 100 for a completion only or ride down to Brushy Creek Lodge for their finish. The 100 milers will leave the Gate and Go above Brushy Creek Lodge and do a 25 mile loop with a gate and go at Sutton Bluff and finish back at Brushy Creek Lodge.

Trail Conditions

The trail is mostly single track on the Ozark Trail. There are lots of rocks, knee knockers, twists and turns. There are many creek and river crossings but nothing deep so there is plenty of water on trail. It is a technical trail with lots of ups and downs without very high elevation gains but there are places to make time. The trail at night will be minimally marked with glow sticks and reflective ribbons. The trail is also permanently marked and it will also be minimally flagged where needed. We will provide trail updates on trail conditions as we approach the ride date.

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Images of the Trail