Volunteer Information

Volunteers, as we all know, are something that is vital to having a ride such as this and this ride is no different. We are in need of many volunteers from scribes, to anyone willing to move rig from the start to the finish, to the transport of, well, everything like horses from trail, vets and other volunteers to the various check points and a myriad of other things that it takes to put on a ride. We are in search of these kind of folks, people dedicated to helping make a ride successful. So if you want to be one these people, then by all means, please contact Linda Cole, Ride Manager, at: (785) 969-5629 or (785) 304-6915, bluemoonfarm90@yahoo.com. You will be a most valued member of the team for a successful ride and we thank you, in advanced, for all of your dedication!

Sponsor Information

As well as volunteers, we welcome sponsors for the ride. Sponsors are an important aspect and can really help with the financial burden of a ride in the form of prize donations. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor of the ride can contact Linda and we will add your logo with a link of your site to our website. We thank you for your participation.